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Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park


Situated in a nature reserve of Ba Na Mountain -Phu Tuc village, Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park can be said to be a masterpiece that nature endowed the capital of the Central Vietnam. In the middle location of the coastal city, but it brings a unique climate of Ba Na with four seasons in the day.

The cold climate characterized by Ba Na when the sun goes down, blended in the hot spring from a depth of thousands of meters underground, outcropped and erupted through the rocks, creating the smoke just fanciful, romantic and poetic.

Referring to the hot spring we often imagine a fiery sky and unsuitable for climate of the Central to be extremely hot by nature. However, coming to Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring, you will experience a sense of complete difference, being immersed in nature with majestic primeval forests of the Ba Na Mountain sanctuary and the cold streams. And only here you can feel the heat of mineral water and the cold of fountainhead stream clearly.

Hot spring at Than Tai Mountain originated from the sacred peak of Ba Na and surrounded both sides by Thanh Long Mountain, Bach Ho Mountain and outcropped in dragon well of Phu Tuc village. Resort services of hot spring are considered as one distinct  product which bringing the exciting experience and contributing to renewable energy and mineral supplement. You will feel fresh, "cool" by the minerals necessary for both the skin and the body to be added through natural hot mineral water.

Hot mineral bath is considered as natural beauty treatment, safe and suitable for all sensitive skins. Have stopped in Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park, you will feel beautiful scenery, soaked up the warm mineral waters to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant

Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park is designed to build with materials close to nature. The tubs are entirely made of natural stones by artisans of the Non Nuoc stone village who painstakingly cut and form. For the first time in Vietnam, there are spa products along with tea, wine, coffee, milk, mud and especially hot mineral bath according to Japanese culture which is often called ONSEN bath (nude bath).

Coming to Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park, you will enjoy the services of a professional team operated by experts from Japan, where is known as the hometown of hot mineral water. Especially for tourists in Vietnam, this will be an international travel experience in the heart of Da Nang, giving you the feeling of difference that not simply a hot mineral bath.

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