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Located in Da Nang’s Hoa Vang District, the Hoa Phu Thanh Resort is very different from other

local tourist sites.  It is the ideal place for relaxation and recreation for visitors of all ages.

Thanks to the efforts of foreign and domestic architects, along with talented workers from

localities nationwide, this amazing and beautiful resort has been built in the city, and it offers its

guests some incredible experiences.  It has added to the diversification of tourist products in the

city, and will help to attract more visitors.

Starting operations in February 2013, the first stage of the 33 ha resort project which covers an

area of 21.3 ha offers diversified services, amenities and surroundings that will maximise visitor


There are many camping areas in the resort, and visitors can enjoy the numerous attractive

entertainment facilities such as an outdoor stage and sporting playgrounds.  In addition, the

resort will build camp fires at night at visitors’ request.  Furthermore, it is also the perfect picnic

spot for families, groups or lovers to spend some time.  Visitors have the chance to learn about

the culture of the Co Tu ethnic minority through discovering the resort’s replica of the Tong Coi

Tourist Village.

The resort is also home to many beautiful waterfalls and rock areas, and a 2 km stretch of the

Luong Dong River.  Visitors can go boating, and those who like adventure can slide down a

waterfall in boats.

You will have a wonderful experience and have unforgettable memories when you visit this

resort.  If you want more information, please access the resort’s website at

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