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Danang city - a magnificient landscape, full of mighty mount

Da Nang, the city on the site of Han river, is a fascinating romantic coastal and friendly destination that deeply worths a visit.

Danang city - a magnificient landscape, full of mighty mountains and sparkling rivers

Da Nang is the fourth largest central city of Vietnam, after Ho Chi Minh city, Ha Noi and

Hai Phong. It has an area of nearly 1,260 km², and a population of 752,493 people. Da

Nang is the city in the South Center Coast, on the coast of South China Sea, the middle

of Vietnam.

Da Nang is a picturesque city by the Han river, and by the coast of the East Sea

with distinctive attractiveness in comparison with other sea cities, luring hundreds of

thousands of tourists from around the world.

The city is in the site of the East Sea and Han River with special different charms. Nature

has offered the city a great position among three World heritages generously: ancient

royal capital Hue, ancient city Hoi An and Holy land My Son. Thanks to this, Da Nang

plays an important role in hosting, serving and transferring visitors. Not only being in

the middle point of three world heritages, but also does it have numerous unforgettable

beautiful scenes.

Danang has the high and dangerous Hai Van Pass with full of perilous obstacles,

engraved “the most grandiose beauty spots in the world”. Son Tra peninsula with My Khe

beaches - an ideal rendez-vous for tourists, which is surrounded by Da stream, Bai But,

Bai Rang, Bai Bac, Bai Nom - the beautiful alluvial plains which bring relaxing moments

for tourists on being ingulfed in the splendid dawn and the quietness of crepuscle in a

picturesque land. The eco-tourism resort Ba Na - Mo Stream is considered as Dalat,

Sapa of Central Vietnam and the legendary Marble Mountains – “a beautiful landscape of

the southern heaven and earth”.

Mentioning about Danang, tourists can not forget the poetic Han river and its bridge -

the first swing one in Vietnam. This is the great pride of Danang people. The Han River

bridge - the symbol for new vitality and the developing desire of the city - was built with

the contribution of all the city's people. It seems that all poetic features of the Han River

can be only expressed deeply in the space of Han river bridge with full of wind and

ventilation. It not only facilitates transport and potential for tourism, wakening economic

prospects of a vast area in the eastern city but is a cultural spot of Danang people today

left behind for the future generations.

Danang is also endowed with sea - the vast tourist source of inspiration. In addition to

beautuiful and clean stretching beaches, Danang seaport is one of the most well-known

seaport in Vietnam.

Da Nang people are very keen on participating in the city traditional festivals. It is an

opportunity for everybody to come to dedicate their prayers for good weather to facilitate

the argricultural seasons and to be more loser, for the ancestors' support and to pray for

for good luck to their close relatives and friends. Danang festivals have a lot in common

with those of the coastal areas in Central Vietnam but bear lots of specific features and

distinctive beauty of the region. In the festive days, with the whole colorful area and

thrilling songs of praying peace, ardent rhythm of "bai choi". The festivals in Danang City

were originated long time ago, passed from generations to generations such as Cau Ngu

festival, Avalokitecvara festival, Hoa My village festival, An Hai village festival etc. Time

went by, many festivals were not generated such as "Pastor festival" - a very special one

for pastors only, naughty children with muddy legs and bareheaded.

Da Nang, the city on the site of Han river, is a fascinating romantic coastal and friendly

destination that deeply worths a visit.

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